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Felicity Jones brings some baby blue booty for the Star Wars fans

12.16.2016by: Droz

You guys enjoying that ROGUE ONE? I was impressed with it and enjoyed what I saw for the most part. It got a little slow in some parts and I was a little iffy on some of the characters. But then I understand there's no use in expecting perfection from a STAR WARS movie. None of them are perfect, no matter how much the nostalgia riddled OT fanboys would like us to believe otherwise. Although that Vader scene was as close as any of the modern day movies have come to a perfect moment. That was 30-seconds of complete captivation and vies with EMPIRE for the best ending of a STAR WARS movie.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I've noticed Felicity Jones has had a much less hectic schedule when it comes to doing promotional stuff, compared to Daisy Ridley last year with THE FORCE AWAKENS. Perhaps being the new girl made Daisy more likely to get roped into a more bruising publicity tour. Or it could be symptomatic of the downshift they took with the marketing on this movie. While ROGUE ONE has had plenty of coverage, there hasn't been quite the same kind of media onslaught that TFA enjoyed. I don't know what that says about ROGUE, if anything. I do think they're missing a opportunity there with Felicity. Her cute little ass could put quite a few more asses in seats.

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