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Felicity Jones brings her English class and beauty to Santa Barbara

01.30.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I still haven't managed to check out THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, but I hope to give it a watch sometime before the Academy Awards roll by. Honestly, after seeing so much of Felicity Jones on this website, I'm excited to see her in acting mode, too. She just seems so elegant and classy and pretty and beautiful and I bet she has an awesome accent and to see her walking and talking and moving is something that I really want to experience. For now, I'll just enjoy the visuals of her here at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Her costar Eddie Redmayne is there, so I have to imagine they're showing the movie there, too, but she showed up looking radiant, as always. Unfortunately, instead of rocking that V-neck completely, she covered it up with some clothing, but I suppose if you're keeping up that whole classy beauty thing, such exciting dresses will not fly. Hopefully, she comes to her senses and realizes the full potential of how crazy she can make men (and more importantly me) and she just goes for the gold next time and shows up at a film premiere wearing just a bikini. For now, we'll just have to appreciate the way she dresses and enjoy the elegant beauty below. 

Source: Celebmafia


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