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Fawcett Passes Away

06.25.2009by: Seth Gecko

Today is a dark day in Hollywood ladies and gents and an even darker day for sites like MovieHotties and other fans around the world alike. Throughout the history of cinema, there have been many truly great sex symbols such as Raquel Welch or Ursula Andress but one particular goddess of the big-screen has sadly passed away today and well before her time. It was reported earlier today around the world that the beautiful Farrah Fawcett has died at the age of 62 after a long and painful battle with anal cancer which she was diagnosed with in 2006. She was in Santa Monica, California at the time receiving further medical treatment before she passed away.

Farrah leaves a strong legacy with the world and all her admirers as she was known to be such a positive influence on all those around her on top of being one of the greatest sex symbols who ever lived. Her successful career began back in 1976 when she had her breakout appearance in the hit series "Charlie's Angels" and she was catapulted to stardom from there with many hit films & TV shows. Her infamous red bikini poster (which can be seen below) was the very reason she became a "sex symbol" right off the bat which is interesting since she took that photo before she first appeared on television.

On a more personal note, I'm very saddened by this news and I remember being witness to her wit, charm and beauty when I first laid on her in the Burt Reynolds classic,"Cannonball Run" (which also starred the hilarious Dom DeLuise who also passed away recently). She had a certain glow around her every time you looked at her and she maintained that throughout her entire career. So on behalf of the entire staff at and the JoBlo network, we'd like to give our best wishes to Farrah's friends and family and dedicate this post and the photos seen below in loving memory of a truly wonderful woman. Rest in peace.

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Extra Tidbit: Farrah recently filmed a two-hour documentary called "Farrah's Story" for NBC which aired on May 15, 2009. Nearly 9 million people tuned in for the premiere.


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