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Farrah Abraham tries on blonde for an Xmas bikini photoshoot

12.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If he sees you when you're sleeping & knows when you're awake, I'm guessing that Santa is also going to take note when you change your hair color and don a bikini. At least, that's what I'm suspecting former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was counting on when she did this sexy Xmas themed photoshoot wearing a bikini in Santa's colors. The bottoms of this ensemble do not look water friendly to me, which might be why we only have poolside shots and nothing of the leggy lady immersed in water. For those who think of Farrah in a negative way (and I can certainly understand why, with all of the gossip press she courts), think of it this way - at least she's always working to support her kids and not just filing for government assistance. Not that asking for a hand up is a bad thing, but to those who are against it, you might want to give the lady props where they're due.
Source: TMZ


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