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Treat yourself to some nice views of Selena Gomez flashing her high beams

05.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

If you're the kind of shrewd observer who can spot even the smallest of trends and anticipate human behavior, you've noticed Selena Gomez moving the exploitation needle ever so slightly towards adopting. Adopting habits from masters like Rihanna, who constantly wear outfits that draw attention towards the nipples area by hiding them in plain sight. Today, we bring two different sets from two different (and recent) instances where Selena Gomez's nipples couldn't escape attention. One, saw her engaging fans in London during a meet & greet; enthusiasts got to meet Selena and her erect rack rivets. The other set is a self imposed bit of snap chat awesomeness where the young diva poses in a sexy cami, and nothing else. Again, with accurate nipple topography. If this sexual evolution stays it's course, topless pictures are immanent, and will, in all likelihood, become common place.


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