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Face Off: Who Was Your Favorite Hottie of 2013?

12.23.2013by: Droz

The larger percentage of you agreed with me that Tina Fey was the fairer funny girl over competitor Christina Applegate, at least as far as it pertains to last week's Face Off. Nevermind though. Any woman who can make me laugh is just fine by me.

By the looks of things it seems most of you have checked out our list of the best hotties for 2013. We, the staff here at Movie Hotties, compiled that list from various deliberations we had among ourselves. Of course, like most anything that's decided as a group, our Best Of list is a collection of compromises. We felt those on that list were some of the standout hotties of this year, most with hit movies, hit albums or hot moments in magazines, red carpets, beaches, pools, sidewalks and every other kind of place you can imagine.

That doesn't mean we necessarily covered the gamut though. I'm sure more than one of you found someone missing from our list. Or maybe you considered someone too high or too low. Whatever your grievance, this Face Off is an opportunity for you folks to speak your piece on who was the best in 2013. Only instead of limiting it to two hotties, you get to pick from the whole pantheon of pretty ladies who made 2013 all the better. So, did we overlook someone? Was someone overrated? Was someone else unjustly low in our estimation? Speak up and let everyone know about it below!

I'll go first just to kick things off. I can sympathize with those of you who didn't see your favorite hottie in this year's list. My choice of Best Hottie unfortunately didn't make our official cut either. For me, that hottie was the inestimable conglomeration of beauty, hotness, talent and Englishness better known as Emilia Clarke.

What a year she's had. It started out with yet another spectacular season of Game of Thrones, wherein she earned her title as "Mother of Dragons." And now it ends with Emilia winning the role as your new Sarah Connor, fighting for her life against killer future cyborgs in the upcoming TERMINATOR reboot.

Damn impressive stuff on the career side of things. Still, my fondness for Emilia extends well beyond her career. In fact, I can't think of a time this year when she wasn't charming the pants off me (I wish) with that sweet smile and sweeter demeanor. Then, of course, you have the sight of her beautiful nude body. I was worried we wouldn't get a nude scene from her on GoT this year, but fortunately they managed to squeeze another bathtub scene in before they wrapped for the season. Speaking as an ass man, there simply was no more satisfying nude scene on TV this year than Emilia's wet tush.

With so many hotties running around heating things up in 2013, it's understandable that a few got overlooked or fell between the cracks. I feel better giving some love to Emilia. However, as is always the case in Face Offs, that's just one man's opinion. Now it's time to give yours.


Tell us who you liked the most in 2013!
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