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Face it Tiger, you can't resist the adorable charms of Dove Cameron

12.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While I'm still processing the fact that Tiger Beat magazine is still around, Dove Cameron is killing it in these outtakes from her shoot she did with the rag earlier this year. I'm finding myself more and more impressed with this lovely lady and certainly very surprised that on January 15th of next year, she'll be turning 21, seeing as I have to keep checking her age to determine if she's legal or not. That face of hers is going to Ralph Macchio her way through a successful career, especially once the kiddies get a hold of the second DESCENDANTS movie that Dove has done for Disney. The popular series revolves around the offspring of fictional royalty such as Maleficent and other popular heroes & villains from the franchise. After a surprisingly fun round from Cameron as the latest Amber Von Tussle in the recent HAIRSPRAY LIVE! that aired on NBC, I'm guessing that we're going to be seeing a lot of this cute creature throughout 2017, especially when you factor in the continuing popularity of her Disney series, Liv and Maddie, where she plays twins. If only there were two of her out there!
Source: Lazy Girls


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