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Exotic beauty Amy Jackson shows you what you've been missing all your life

03.13.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Leave it to Maxim magazine again to show me someone who took my idea of beauty and said, "Dog. You don't know shit. Here, check this out." And now we have this. She goes by the name of Amy Jackson and even though she's British, her facial features look to be pretty deeply rooted in Indian culture (she's also starred in an onslaught of Bollywood films, so..maybe). With a head full of brunette hair, perfectly shaped eyebrows, deep, sensual green eyes, full lips and a body that makes me grab myself by the lovehandles and cry in fits of fury and shame, this is one lady who I'm going to have to keep an extra eye out for. She's also only 23 and a lady with this gravity of beauty doesn't even register to me. In any case, I've also included the interview they conducted with her, so if you want to read about her film history or her enjoyment of hanging out by herself or her stupid boyfriend that I'm going to pretend doesn't exist, you totally can! This is all for the March edition of Maxim India Magazine and with all these sexy poses of her going on, I'm going to have to get a copy of the issue and keep it in my personal stash. I won't be too specific or graphic, but my happy alone time magazine collection is all in a pile under my mattress (my mom will never be clever enough to find them!) and I can't wait to add this to the sticky collection. Amy Jackson is pretty much everything that I consider to be beautiful and gorgeous in a lady, so let's be nice and supportive, eh? 

Source: Got Celeb


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