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Exercise With Maria!

12.13.2007by: Seth Gecko

Okay gents, we at are always very athletic when it comes to our daily routine and we always make sure we exercise regularly. What we do is we exercise our right arm and fingers by moving the mouse and clicking both left and right buttons. We then exercise our left arm by picking up heavy bottles of beer, soda or energy drinks followed by a second and rigorous weight lifting session as we pick up a double-burger with cheese.....wait a minute. What the hell am I talking about?....I don't exercise at all which will most likely be my downfall.

However, I have a gift for all men everywhere who need a bit of incentive to push away the computer chair and grab a workout mat. The video you see below is probably the sexiest 90 seconds of workout that you'll ever see in your life as the super-hot actress named Maria Grazia Cucinotta (who'll you know as the infamous "Cigar Girl" in "The World Is Not Enough") does a stretching and exercise video. So you have two options gents: 1) Follow Maria's lead and exercise with her. 2) Just sit their and sweat off the pounds as you dream of how hot it would be to help her with a "different" form of workout. Enjoy gents!


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