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Exclusive sexy '80's horror photo shoot with Wolf Mother's Najarra Townsend!

11.04.2016by: Paul Shirey

In case you haven't seen it all over, we're currently renting the genre thriller WOLF MOTHER on our YT Channel and what better way to help promote it than a sexy '80's horror photo shoot with the film's star Najarra Townsend? Najarra has been making a name for herself with a slew of projects, including WOLF MOTHER director Eric Peter Carlson's THE TOY SOLDIERS, CONTRACTED, CONTRACTED: PHASE II, and TV projects including Criminal Minds and Coffee House Chronicles. For WOLF MOTHER, Najarra takes the lead and carries the flick with the strength, sexiness, and straight-up firepower. That's the kind of girl we want on our team when the shit goes down!

Najarra was keen to take on an '80's horror theme for her MovieHotties photo shoot, featuring none other than horror icons Freddy and Jason. We think you'll agree that having her haunt your dreams or chase you through the woods would not exactly be a horrific experience. In fact, we think you'd likely welcome it! Check out Najarra's horrifically sexy shoot below, as well as our exclusive interview with her. And, don't forget that you can now RENT WOLF MOTHER now on our YouTube Channel! Give it a go for more of Najarra, to support indie film, or just to get a change of pace from the multiplex.

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Executive Producer: Berge Garabedian
Producer: Paul Shirey
Photographer: Jonathan Meiners,
Shoot Producer: Rusty Eltringham
Video: Daniel Martinez
Stylist: Jennifer Puzzanchera
Hair/MUA: Tina Martinez, olive

Check out our behind-the-scenes video!


Get to know Najarra better in this exclusive interview with our own JimmyO!

Check out a BTS Vlog of the shoot with Najarra and Wolf Mother director Erik Peter Carlson below!


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