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Exclusive: MovieHotties goes to the Playboy mansion for the Immortals home video launch!

03.09.2012by: JimmyO

This past Tuesday night, in honor of the home video release of IMMORTALS on Tuesday March 6th, Twentieth Century Fox Home Video decided to throw a party. However, it wasn’t just any party, not when you are throwing the blowout at the famed home of Hugh Heffner - the glorious Playboy Mansion. This spectacular event was hailed as The Gods and Goddesses Ball, a fun-filled Blu-ray release party with Grecian ambiance and goddess dancers! And yes, was invited… and we got the picture gallery to prove it below!

Along with my fellow, the ever-so-handsome Andrew Hegele, we rapped with actor David Del Rio (“The Troop”), his brother Esteban and their buddy, and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL alum Corbin Bleu (soon to be seen in the horror features NURSE 3-D and SCARY OR DIE). These three gentlemen were the coolest guys to chill with, and to top it all off David is a huge fan of!

Among the other celebrities in attendance included the ever classy and talented Bruce Boxleitner (TRON and the upcoming animated series “Tron: Uprising”), Chris Bauer from “True Blood,” funnyman Tommy Davidson from the upcoming “Black Dynamite: The Animated Series,” and IMMORTALS producer Craig Flores along with one of the stars of the film, Corey Sevier. It was also a treat to offer some touch ups to a gorgeous young lady “wearing” a very sexy painted on outfit along with the help of 1313: HERCULES UNBOUND star Tyler P. Scott who was rockin’ an awesome hat.

Finishing off the night Andrew and I took advantage of a mansion tour - a surreal experience - involving tons of wildlife… and a few real life animals such as monkeys, birds and more. Yet it was the world famous grotto that really is a sight to be seen. It could be zero below outside, but in this controlled environment you can always take a swim. One can only imagine that more than just swimming takes place here.

As we headed for the shuttles to bring us back to the real world, Andrew and I said our goodbyes to this magical place! At least we left with a copy of IMMORTALS on Blu-ray to check out along with a few glorious memories! That’s it! I want a grotto at my place… with frolicking playmates for everybody!



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