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Exclusive: Movie Hotties photo shoot with Kacey Barnfield as a Million Dollar Baby!

08.28.2015by: Paul Shirey

Actress Kacey Barnfield has been building a name for herself over the years, starring in the TV shows Grange Hill and The Bill, as well as a slew of genre pics, including RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2, and GREEN STREET 3: NEVER BACK DOWN, with a number of projects on the way. Born in London, Kacey splits her time between her native hometown and L.A., making her way in the world of Hollywood. Kacey was excited to be a part of the MovieHotties photo shoot series and brought up the idea of emulating MILLION DOLLAR BABY, the Oscar-winning boxing film from director Clint Eastwood and starring Hillary Swank. So, we secured a gym, strapped on some gloves, and put this beautiful lady in the ring. We think you'll agree that she's a Total Knock Out! Check out our behind-the-scenes photo shoot video and photo spread below. Ding ding!

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Photographer: Jonathan Meiners,
Stylist: Jennifer Puzzanchera
Wardrobe: Polkadots & Moonbeams, Los Angeles
Hair / MUA - Tina Martinez -


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