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EXCL: Bitch Slap Babes!

01.06.2010by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifIt seems that the realm of exploitation flicks are really starting to make a huge comeback over the past couple of years and the trend isn't slowing down at all. From "Grindhouse" to "Black Dynamite", all of us are screaming for more and more and they just keep getting better and better. Which is why myself and the folks here at the network are ridiculously excited to have our eyeballs f#cked by the upcoming "B"-movie/ Exploitation film, BITCH SLAP which will be offically releasing on January 8th both in theatres and on VOD. It's promised to be one hell of a show and if the popular press and hot trailers aren't enough to get you excited for the flick, how about some smokin' hot exclusive photo-shoot promos of the three leading ladies instead?

That is exactly what the studio has provided us as you can see below. The film stars Julia Voth, America Olivio and Erin Cummings and holy sh#t are these chicks HOT! Seeing them blowing shit up, killing off bad mother-f#ckers and soaking each other's t-shirts is definitely a major turn-on and I believe I speak for men everywhere on this. So be sure to check out the trailer below as well as the exclusive photos for each babe. To check out the movie website for more great features, simply click here. Enjoy!

The hottie photos below are in the following order: Julia Voth, America Olivio and Erin Cummings.

Extra Tidbit: The movie is Rated R for brutal violence, strong sexual content and language throughout, and brief drug use. My kind of flick!


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