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Everything Elle Fanning serves up is adorable with a side of sexy

01.10.2017by: Droz

It could be said Elle Fanning and 2016 movies were synonymous. She seemed to be in a near constant movie premiere situation throughout that year, appearing in no less than 4 different movies. You'd think she would take it easy in 2017, what with that rigorous schedule. Nah, not really. She's got 5 movies coming out this year and more to follow after. She's young and full of energy, so if one is keen on inundating oneself with movie after movie after movie, this is the time to do it.

Movies aside, when I look at the young woman herself I'm constantly reminded of Disney princesses. She's got that bright-eyed, sweet-smiling, modestly sexual impression about her most of the Disney princesses are purposefully built around. Only Elle gets all that honest. Could be she earns the title of Hollywood's princess in months and years to come. It might seem a little too early to be giving Elle a moniker, but if she stays as prolific as she seems to want to be and continues to look so Disney-esque all the time, I think she'll have earned the distinction.

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