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Everybody wants Cara Delevingne in Esquire UK

08.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

Going from a relatively unknown model to landing a roll alongside marquee actors like Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto in tent-pole movie like SUICIDE SQUAD, is no easy task. Against all odds, English fashion model Cara Delevingne did that very thing. To be fair, it wasn't a direct route from the catwalk to the red carpet; she also co-starred in PAPER TOWNS and landed roles in movies like ANNA KARENINA and PAN. So when Esquire UK superimposes: Everybody wants Cara, over a bit of her side boob, you know such a declaration is accurate – and you can see why. What a body! The only minor distraction being: she's one of those models that remains obstinate when it comes to her limited expressions. Opting for a sustained, serious look with nary a bright smile in site. Even in candid moments such as her attendance to the premiere of SUICIDE SQUAD, she wears the same self seriousness all over her face. Lighten up; with an ass like that, you've got plenty to be happy about. It brings joy to my life.

Source: Esquire UK


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