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Ever wonder what Kaley Cuoco showing skin & stroking a thick snake might look like

01.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

If you answered yes to that question, you can now compare what is in your perverted imagination to what it actually looks like, although as you can now see, the headline is completely literal. Kaley Cuoco impersonating Britany Spears seems to be a natural fit. It's like Bella Thorne singing Holding Back The Years by Simply Red. Wait, what? I know it's f*#ked up, but I'm glad her marriage fell into decay. Creating dirty scenarios is less fun when you first have to infuse a way to expunge the spouse into the plot. She seems more lively now - sexier also - than ever before. Reinvigorated, hopefully to the point she feels it's finally time for a nude shoot (or at least topless). That body has never been more camera ready and she shouldn't risk waiting any longer. At 34, the metaphorical wall could be hit any moment. Pour Kaley will wake up one morning to the bitter regret of not immortalizing her beauty in it's natural form when she was peaking ... which is now.

Source: lazy girls


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