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Ever wanted to bang a Walking Dead zombie? Well you might now

11.30.2012by: Droz

I don't know how I knew this was coming, but I totally knew someone was going to do a tie in with The Walking Dead and hot women in bikinis at some point. And now it's happened in the form of this 2013 calendar of "sexy" zombified models, apparently getting some sun on their oozing bite marks. There is a precedent for this, right? I mean, how many of us weren't thinking about the possibilities of human on zombie sex after that scene with Amber Heard in ZOMBIELAND? Think about it. It's the end of the world. The Zombie Apocalypse is happening all around you. No one's gonna know, right? You got a freshly turned hottie there. Sure, she's lunging for you with a powerful lust for your brains, her already purifying flesh only faintly smelling of death. You've got a little bit of time before she gets really nasty. You were smart in that you planned ahead, so you have plenty of rope and protective gear to keep it's gnashing teeth away from your more sensitive parts.

Hey look, it's gross, I know. But who knows when you'll find someone living to bang? All your neighbors and friends are either piles of guts on the street or biters themselves. And you're no great prize, which means that any ladies who do remain alive are going to have a long line of suitors ahead of you. This one last score with the fresh undead might have to last you the rest of your life. Time to make the tough choices.


Extra Tidbit: Yes, I am a sick, sick individual...
Tags: Amber Heard


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