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Even in actual clothes, Kate Upton still can't hold back the boobs

02.14.2013by: Droz

So how are we all enjoying Kate Upton week? That's essentially what everything on the web has become thanks to the whole swimsuit thing. Kate's making the rounds in promotion of her cover, doing as little as possible to deflect attention away from her tits in the process. As if that really needed promotion. Has any website not done at least one story on Kate's cover in the last week or so? Not any website I go to. I wouldn't be surprised if the angry fundamentalist types hadn't slapped her tits on their blogs, if only to label her a jezebel bound for hell. With all that love and lust for Kate circling the globe, it still surprises me how much of a vocal minority of haters there are, busily throwing in their two cents of discontent into the Upton fountain of love. Now I'll admit that Kate is not your typical model type. Nor is she all that substantial a talent, apart from the creative concealment of nipples on large tits goes. Still, she's not the antichrist or anything. Yet I hear folks truly going off on her in all kinds of nasty ways, mostly concerning her so-called "fat" body. Granted, Kate's not anything like the super trim hotties who normally show up in the swimsuit edition. Her weight does fluctuate somewhat. But fat? Have any of you ever walked into any of the big box stores on a typical evening anywhere in America? Do that just once, observing closely the people blocking aisles with the electric carts. Then come back here and talk about Kate being fat. Not even close.


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