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Even friends of Dorothy will be hot for Demi Lovato's Halloween getup

10.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
The origin of the phrase, "Friends of Dorothy," seems to have come from the literary sequel to the original The Wizard of Oz book, titled The Road to Oz, in which a character named Polychrome says, "You have some queer friends, Dorothy," when meeting the plucky heroine and her band of misfit buddies. Sometime around World War II, the phrase was picked up as a way to covertly announce one's homosexuality, a thing that needed to be keep a secret because it was still illegal in most states. So it's not surprising that Demi Lovato, one of the champions of the LGBTQ community, would choose to portray the Kansan beauty for Halloween this year. She ditched her brief period with blonde and went back to the more complimentary brunette hair and loaded up as much cleavage as she could show off in her blue gingham dress, although she's clearly more well known for her amazing thighs and fit booty. I'm hoping that Demi wasn't fully serious about threatening to quit the music industry next year, although I wouldn't begrudge the woman a break, seeing how hard she's worked this year. I just don't know if we'd survive without these sexy moments from one of our favorite Latinas.

Source: Hollywood Life


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