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Even Elton John has to appreciate Sarah Hyland's boob cleft

03.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

I know the guy digs dudes, but if anything could make him consider spending some alone time with a female, Sarah Hyland's boob cleft can - it's that powerful. She showed up to his AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party san's bra, tanned to a crisp and proving to be a reliable source of plunging neckline goodness; it's a fashion trend she frequents often. How is it the red carpet action is way better here than at the actual Oscar's? I'll tell you why. More fine women - not just nominees or people associated with a featured movie. They tend to save the sexy get up for the parties and after parties as well; compare JLaw's Oscar dress and after part dress for a perfect example. But we're talking about Ms. Hyland and what a very fine woman she's become. It helps that she's shed that tween skin and emerged looking more mature. Not older; in her prime.

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