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Even conservative pants can't hide the awesome of Kimberley Garner's booty

01.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor
For someone who doesn't have much of a resume at all, Kimberley Garner sure has figured out a way to get her name in the headlines. Most of the time we're featuring her in bikinis as the sometimes British reality TV star frolics on the beach and shows off the most impressive skinny white girl butt that I've yet to see. Even when she puts on a conservative (for her) white suit and marches down the red carpet at the London premiere of MORTDECAI, Kimberley is finding it mission impossible to hide the bodacious nature of her booty. I'm sure she'll figure a way to wear one of her more famous two pieces to a premiere in the future but she still looks pretty darn good for the time being.
Source: Daily Mail


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