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Even all covered up, Emmanuelle Chriqui is worth Killing Jesus for

03.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I might take shit for the title of this article if people decide to cruise past it quickly without bothering to understand that it's in reference to Emmanuelle Chriqui being in the cast of NatGeo's TV movie "Killing Jesus." Hey, I don't make these things up. While I'm more likely to pay money to see Em in the ENTOURAGE movie than bother looking up which number on my cable box NatGeo is (or bother to give two shits about any movie/TV program that has to do with biblical topics), it's nice to see her so happy to share red carpet space with her co-stars. The film will feature Chriqui as Herodia as well as a bunch of other great (and average - I'm looking at you, Stephen Moyer) actors and is scheduled to air on March 29th, just in time for Easter. Even in that ankle length dress you can see how fit Chriqui is, although being strapless and showing off her well-loved rack helps a lot. Now... on to the ENTOURAGE red carpet when demure probably won't be a part of her attire's description. 
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