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Even a fully covered Christina Milian leaves very little to the imagination

10.23.2015by: Droz

We got a triple threat of ladies who like to show off for you on this Friday afternoon. Wrapping up this trio of showy hotties is Christina Milian. I wonder - does Christina own a single bit of clothing that doesn't fit her like a glove or hang off her in some mostly useless fashion? I don't think so. She seems to be one who invests her money carefully in only the most visually stimulating slutty attire, selected specifically to get you and I excited for her admittedly fine ass in the most expedient manner possible. Some might label her as shallow or obvious with such pursuits, but I have to give her a pat on the back for her efforts. Keeping a bod like hers covered up in stuff that's not even form fitting or screaming for attention would be a waste of a good thing. Better to show off what she's got while she's still got it. A wise choice. Well done, Chrissy. Nice nipples, btw.

Source: HawtCelebs


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