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Even a dressy Ronda Rousey looks like she could hand you your ass

07.02.2015by: Droz

I have a whole series of thoughts and feelings that come to mind when presented with images of Ronda Rousey. I'm not much for the women with the extremely ripped bodies. The manlier they look, the less interest I have. Call me conventional, but I like for a woman to look like a woman. Ronda is right on the cusp of being out of bounds for me, though at this point I'm still down with her. Girl is pretty damn intimidating though. Just look at her rippling under the super tight dress she was wearing to her appearance on Kimmel last night. Look at those arms. Have you seen what she does to her poor victims with those guns? Getting a handy from her would require one to be a real danger junkie, especially now when she's all pumped up at the thought of her impending fight against some poor, trash-talking fool who just can't wait to have her shoulder ligaments ripped to shreds. I imagine Ronda celebrating her inevitable win by pinning a helpless dude to a bed and banging him into an bruised, agonizing pile of flesh. Or maybe she's the exact opposite of that and turns herself into a helpless submissive in the sack. No way to know there but to dive and and hope all your limbs are still working in the morning. I think I could take her.

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