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Eva Longoria sizzles in a wet & sexy photoshoot for Ocean Drive magazine

11.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know what it was about Eva Longoria that bugged me when she was celebrating the height of success on Desperate Housewives, but there were things written, rumours whispered and eventually, I just got a sour taste in my mouth whenever I would see her grinning too big on the red carpet. Perhaps it was because her character on the show was so highly unlikable (I did try to watch a couple episodes and recall rather hating her role) or perhaps all of the negative press that surrounded her when she was married to Tony Parker (all of the nasty he said/she said TMI interviews, etc) but I just didn't dig the lady. In the 6 years since the pair went separate ways and Eva's show went off the air, there's been a lot more to like about her. Longoria is one of the most charitable celebrities out there, with her own charity dedicated to helping Latinas to finish high school (1 in 3 Latinas will drop out) and go on to college. This is a bit near and dear to my own heart because I grew up in a city where the Latino community is a large percentage of the population and I saw a lot of my friends have trouble persuading their families to believe that breaking out of stereotypical norms wasn't something to be looked down on. Now, when I look at photoshoots that Longoria does, there's a stronger sexiness to her, one fueled by her motivation to help lift up others rather than be the one who stands on shoulders and shows off bling. And I really like how it looks on her.
Source: Pop Sugar


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