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Eva Longoria shows off her enduring hotness while vacationing in Spain

07.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

I can't help but be a little impressed with Eva Longoria's staying power. Her fame was that of a flash-in-the-pan variety, never being able to transcend a career that was based more on popularity than it was on her ability to deliver a captivating performances. The Latina MILF's solid genetic makeup has played a large role in keeping her relevant. A small, and what I'm sure is a very common, epiphany, I came to while staring to the point of eyestrain at the mature, 41-year-old female's durable ass. That ass can easily pass for 28-year-olds; if she ordered an alcoholic beverage with her ass, she would definitely get carded. Here she is doing what celebrity babes do on the beaches of Spain – look sexy all day. Side Note: Eva and her new husband appeared a little dumbfounded when they realized they were among the more liberated of Spain's population. Yep, they were at a nude beach. If only she was inspired to join the crowd.

Source: ns4w


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