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Eva Longoria provides some nice bodily views

03.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

The folks over at VVV Magazine are sure pumping out a lot of pictorials over the past week: Bella Thorne, Isla Fisher and now, Eva Longoria. They're also continuing their overly aggressive Photo-shopping of the images, so much so you could call this recent string of hottie photos 'The Smear Campaign.' Distasteful post-processing aside, these are some pretty lovely images of the 40 year old MILF; by lovely, I'm talking about a particularly nice shot of her firm backside covered only in bikini bottoms and a mesh something or other. There may be a limited amount of pics to click through but that one makes this brief set totally post-worthy. If there was a nuclear holocaust the only thing that would endure are the cockroaches and this woman's figure - hopefully with a few sexy, radioactive enhancements.

Source: VVV Magazine


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