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Eva Longoria packs it in tight for the FIFA boys

01.12.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I watch so much stand up comedy that I've forgotten which comic was the one who made the greatest joke about Americans naming football "Football" even though it's played with your hands and soccer "Soccer" because what do you have on your feet? Socks? OK, Soccer. While the rest of the world seems to understand better than us Yanks that "football" is really soccer, the one thing I think we can all agree on is that when Eva Longoria decides to bring her A game to an event, the lady is perfection in any language. Eva was in Switzerland, where they were fielding the 2017 FIFA Awards and she would have only needed a few black vertices and she might have gotten a little foot action herself. There's something so much more appealing to Eva in her more mature years, between acting like the boss that she's become and putting on a few pounds in all the right places, I don't know if I ever really care to go back and watch her during her Desperate Housewives heyday. Then again, I have to ponder why the red string of Kabbalah is still on her wrist. I thought that was a Hollywood trend that had seen its final days about 10 years ago.
Source: Daily Mail


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