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Eva Longoria directs all eyes toward her thong-wearing booty

09.21.2016by: Droz

One of the many esoteric little fashion trends I find provocative on hotties is when their leggings are so tight they become almost see thru, or at least tight enough to tell what kind of underwear they have on underneath, if any at all. Such was the case with Eva Longoria as she took on directorial duty for an episode of the CW show Jane the Virgin. The goodness of such moments is only increased when the hottie in question has as fine an ass as Eva does. I'm not sure if these styling choices are intended as a way of facilitating compliance between Eva and her various cast members and underlings. If so, it's an ingenious method. I'd probably be much more inclined to go along with whatever Eva says, if only just to please her and her sweet ass. But then I'll do pretty much anything for a beautiful butt. That's just how an ass man is.

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