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Eva Green is gypsy chic in this month's Glamour Italy

07.26.2016by: Droz

"Gypsy Chic" is a most appropriate name for the look Eva Green has in this Glamour Italy spread, as well as pretty much everything she's done for over a decade now. She's naturally given toward a magical temptress look, which she has carefully crafted and enhanced to maximum effect both in her various roles and as a hottie in general.

Speaking of her roles, I was disappointed to see her show Penny Dreadful come to a rather sudden and most unsatisfying conclusion recently. It was one of the more half-assed finales I've seen in some time. You could tell it was cobbled together from what was most likely supposed to be a season finale. They appeared to have more stories they wanted to tell with that series and were probably unprepared for the decision to pull the plug. What can you do? Just wait for her next gig in Tim Burton's MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN I guess, in which Eva plays the titular mistress of a house for weird kids. Kind of like a female Professor X.

This looks like a fun movie, but I have to confess a certain longing for the more bizarre side of Tim Burton. He sways a little too far into sentimentality for my tastes nowadays. I wish he'd give us more moody films like BATMAN or the playfully disturbing BEETLEJUICE. He could do that and still make Eva the cherry on top. I'm always down for more of her.

Source: Glamour


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