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Eva Amurri shows you how to throw a bachelorette party

09.23.2011by: Droz


Now this how you do kick off a bachelorette party. Before Eva Amurri marries her soccer star fiance, she seems to have decided to throw a huge bachelorette party and invite the whole internet to attend. This is the actual invitation Eva posted on her website. Now normally these sorts of occasions warrant an email or perhaps even a phone call to the small number of people one intends to have at their bash. Then again, we all don't have Maxim photo shoots to select asstastic pics from and slap on invitation templates, which are then posted on our personal website for the whole world to add to their appointment calendars.

She should be careful, because I'm pretty sure the intertubes is the most notorious party crasher in history. She's liable to have a crowd of geeks lined up at the door tonight that could put any John Hughes movie to shame.

Source: Daily Mail
Tags: eva amurri


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