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Erin Moriarty certainly looks the part at Captain Fantastic premiere

06.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor
The name Erin Moriarty might not ring bells immediately, but if you NetFlix's "Jessica Jones," you probably marveled at how dark and brutal of a performance she gave as Hope Shlottman, that tender little blonde Kilgrave used as his replacement puppet. While there were people who alternately loved and hated the ominous tone used for the first good super-heroine show since, well, forever, it was especially hard to process some of the themes they touched upon if you were a woman watching the show. I'd love to see the Emmys recognize the program, or at the very least address how good star Krysten Ritter was in it, but even if you watch for Hope's storyline alone, you'll see how great of an up-and-coming star Moriarty is. She was seen in Los Angeles last night at the premiere of her new movie CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, a dramedy boasting an impressive cast that include Viggo Mortensen, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Zahn and Frank Langella as well as Moriarty, who looked subdued but beautiful in her simple white dress. There's always been a certain something about blondes with brown eyes that I simultaneously want to trust and be suspicious of, and I hope Erin gets a chance to continue showing off that powerful side of her talent.
Source: Saw First


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