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Erika Jordan aims to be your red hot lingerie cupid

07.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I honestly cannot be sure which Erika Jordan this is. The name is super common, especially in the hot-chick-wearing-practically-nothing category, but I'm guessing that this is the sometimes Playboy model, occasional porn star Erika Jordan. She looks comfortable in front of the camera as she poses in red lingerie and a campy little set of cupid accessories. T&A of any kind isn't going to get any complaints out of me. I do miss the time when porn stars were more recognizable by name, often in reference to their physical attributes. Maxi Mounds, or even Christy Canyon. Names that seemed instantly linked to the adult industry - Ginger, Traci (with an I, duh), Amber, Nina. With porn being so readily available with the boom of the internet, gone are those recognizable monikers, the love of collecting all of their VHS tapes and skin rag centerfolds. The anonymous porn stars are great, but I miss the branding you got with the actual stars.
Source: Celebzee


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