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Environmental awareness brings out the best in Emmanuelle Chriqui

10.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

There have been more than a few environmental awareness events throughout 2016 that I would have never known about if it wasn't for Emmanuelle Chriqui and her innate ability to shed a light on the issues that matter. While other hotties don't concern themselves with petty bullshit like clean air and clean water for everybody, Emmanuelle is out there not at night clubs or engaging in frivolities summoning all of the star power she can muster for a noble cause. Wisely, she calls upon her big, beautiful breasts to help her do so and this strong showing at the Environmental Media Association Awards finds her sticking to that grand tradition; after all, nothing helps raise awareness like a pair of perfect breasts. If she's not gonna show them off to placate eager Emmanuelle Chriqui fans fans who want nothing more than to get a good look at those fully exposed beauties before they die at least for-the-sake-of-mother-Earth gets us something.

Source: NS4W


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