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Enjoy the fruits of Joy Corrigan's labor

05.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

Upon completion of Joy Corrigan's duty as a sexy bikini model to spend days, if not weeks, sticking her barely covered ass out for the camera, here are the fruits her laborious posturing bore. My reason for keeping you up-to-date with Joy Corrigan's ever-expanding body of work is obvious; isn't it? In an endless sea of countless blonde bikini babes, this one in particular stands out. Not because of her slender figure, surgically enhanced boobs, pert ass, long slender legs or remarkably tight tummy – no, it's the lascivious vibe she so effortlessly emits from her person. There are beautiful women and then there are overtly sexual beings; Ms. Corrigan definitely belongs in the latter category. Nothing about the way she carries herself brings to mind words like restraint or timid. Being known for whipping her tits out on public beaches is a good way to make sure people follow her work. Everyone who checks out these photos is living proof of that.

Source: NS4W


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