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Enjoy some sexy shots of Irina Shayk doing her hotness thing

08.30.2013by: Droz

We all know that Irina Shayk is in possession of numerous hot features. In fact, I think it's safe to say that the entirety of her is one perfect assemblage of hotness. It doesn't get much better than Irina. One of her most effective hotness features are those eyes of hers - eyes of such power and ability to communicate desire and sexual energy. That makes it a difficult to understand why Russian Allure magazine decided to mess around with her beautiful eyes, most notably by shrinking her irises via Photoshop so that she has the appearance of someone with a Sanpaku Eye condition. What the hell is that about? Are tiny irises some kind of fetish thing in Russia? I understand the use of PS to fix stray hairs or remove blemishes, but when you start screwing with stuff that doesn't need to be changed, that's when I get annoyed.

Thankfully the Beach Bunny people were smart enough to leave well enough alone for Irina's spread of their latest line of beachwear. We've seen enough of Irina in various candid bikini shots to know that she doesn't need a lot of touching up. Normally a stretch mark or something to that effect will show up in photos snapped at a beach by some paparazzi. I don't see anything of the sort in Irina's pap shots though. She's probably one of the closest to flawless models out there, which makes her job with a bikini company a no-brainer. If there was anyone that could give the art department a rest, it's Irina. Maybe that's the problem. Seeing nothing in need of fixing on her, these guys must have panicked and resorted to gross manipulations just to keep themselves in a job. Shame on you. Leave poor Irina alone.


Source: AllureBeach Bunny


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