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Enjoy some more of that fine Hilary Duff thickness

06.23.2016by: Droz

You're seeing an uptick of Hilary Duff lately because the paps love her no matter where she goes. Right now Hilary is currently in NYC filming the new season of her Younger show. Which means she's out and about in the city quite a lot. This has gotten all the NYC paps super pumped to get the normally LA native into their viewfinders. Good thing too, as she's been putting on quite a show while doing her various business around the city. Just check her out in between filming, doing a little New York sidewalk strolling in some super short cut offs. Girl has some serious thigh action happening. That's not all cellulite either. She's clearly got some legitimate thickness going on there, which is directly related to the fine butt she carries around behind her. Yep, this is my kind of bod. Short little things with just the right amount of meat on their bones are what it's about for me. That's probably from watching too many rap videos as a kid. Sir Mix-a-Lot totally ruined any other kind of woman for me.

Source: Superior Pics


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