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Enjoy some more Lucy Collett, straight from the source

02.10.2015by: Droz

The last time I tried to post something featuring the bodaciously buxom English hottie Lucy Collett we were slapped with a take down request. That was unpleasant. So rather than go to another 3rd party to get our Lucy fix, it might be better to go straight to the source and feature a few pics from the curvy cutie's own website. Honestly, whatever gets us a taste of Lucy is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Lucy seems to me like the epitome of her fellow big boob UK hotties. She's got everything that hottie lot values and more. First and foremost you got the tits, which are fantastic. Even more important is the fact that she can barely keep them covered. Girl is literally itching to get those boobies out into the fresh air. She also manages to personify the word voluptuous, but doesn't overdo it. There's just the right amount of thickness to her. Finally, she's cute as a button. Lucy is pretty close to the idea I have in my head of what the ideal English hottie might be. Granted, my perceptions there may have been influenced by excessive Page 3 exposure, but having Lucy as a country's representative hottie ain't a bad thing.

Source: Lucy Vixen


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