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Enjoy some behind-the-scenes photos of Eva Longoria from behind

03.14.2017by: No Cool Handle

Isn't it great to live in a day and age when everyone and their mother is carrying around a high resolution camera in their pocket? In a darker past, we would've had to wait a good, long while before even knowing if Eva Longoria was out doing a leopard-print swimsuit shoot or not. And thanks to the shameless manner in which intrusive onlookers act, we get some great behind-the-scenes action that usually turns out to be better than the final product. How much you wanna bet we don't get such clear-cut views of Eva Longoria's MILF-tastic rear end in the "fit for print" photos? The 41-year-old Latina looks as comfortable as ever in front of the lens; those thick, delicious thighs (in particular) are of real treat for the eyes. Only a hottie who is truly comfortable in her skin would dare wear a tiny one piece in the middle of Hollywood, and, in broad daylight. Eva Longoria has no doubt people will like what they see.

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