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Enjoy Maria Menounos in a bikini before putting down 2016 for good

12.30.2016by: Droz

I know many of you will join me in giving a heartfelt "f*ck you" to this f*cking year come Saturday night. Yet as welcome a passing as this year will be, you know what they say about a wounded animal - that's when they're the most dangerous. So as 2016 begins to take its well overdue last gasps, I'm gonna be siding with caution and staying home for the New Year festivities. If any shit is going to go down, it's much less likely to happen in my little corner of the world, where the status quo seems fairly well lodged in place.

Speaking of statuses quo, there was a time when Maria Menounos was practically synonymous with daily updates on Movie Hotties. Remember all those great Extra ass dress pics? What ever happened to that Maria? I guess nothing lasts, although for the time being Maria's ample ass continues to be impressive, especially in bikinis that are just a hair too small for her ass, like the one she's wearing on her Mexican vacation. I can't blame Maria's guy for letting her lead him around. She's one woman I'd follow anywhere.

Maria Menounos bikini vacay 2016

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