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Enjoy a preview of Lauren Cohan's awesome abs in GQ Mexico

01.24.2017by: Droz

I'm sure there is more of this Lauren Cohan spread in the new GQ Mexico to see. They like to trickle out bits and pieces of their spreads for some reason. I guess the idea is to get everyone to post a preview thing, like this one. And then when the whole thing comes out, they post another bit with the whole spread. Very clever, GQ. Hey, you can't go wrong with Lauren. Especially with abs like those. Who would have thought zombie killin' would be so good for the abdominals.

Her workouts aside, I continue to wait for them to throw Lauren to the wolves on The Walking Dead. They dangle that possibility out there again and again, toying with Maggie's life like string to cats. But I think they understand what will happen, should Maggie ever get ripped to pieces or bludgeoned with a bat wrapped in barbed wire. That's gonna be it for me. I'd have abandoned this show a long time ago, were it not for the promise of more Lauren. The showrunners know she's the last one in the bunch people want to see die. If anyone survives this show, it will be Lauren's Maggie, if only just because they don't have the balls to do anything to harm her.

Source: GQ


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