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Enjoy a little Maria Menounos flashback on her 37th birthday

06.08.2015by: Droz

There are a few perks of having this job and one of them is uncovering new jewels of hotness crafted from the hottest women on the planet. You never know what new smokin' hot content is going to be making its way around the web. One person who used to provide abundant sources of material like this was Maria Menounos, who turns 37 today. It wasn't that long ago at all when she was practically a daily phenomenon around here. That was thanks to her stint on the otherwise useless gossip show Extra, where she served as host and interviewer. Never before has there been such a consistent flow of inconceivably sexy moments as there was when Maria was donning her skin tight dresses and strutting that Mediterranean booty around The Grove.

Unfortunately times must move on. Nowadays Maria has her burgeoning fitness publication empire brewing, allowing her to do away with vapid TV shows and all their overt attempts at sensationalizing Maria's perfect ass on national television. That would seem to say something for those who still have to hustle. No resting on one's modest laurels for those still climbing the ladder to success. Being as clearly dedicated to keeping herself in top physical form as Maria is, I doubt we'll ever see do as some other who make it big in the biz and shortly thereafter decline into a state of flab. Then again, I also don't see her returning to those daily ass dress moments we once indulged in so greedily. That sucks, but we'll always have her body of work to look back on. Check out 37 such moments below - one for each blessed year of her life. Happy Birthday, Maria!

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