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Enjoy a free peak down Jennifer Lopez's blouse

01.30.2017by: No Cool Handle

How many legendary historical figures spent their better years searching for the fountain of youth? I would hate to have to be the one to tell them those years spent sailing the globe were a waste; that the spring of eternal youth could not be pointed to by any nautical instrument they possessed; their search was futile. That, this whole time... It was in Drake's pants. Ever since Jennifer Lopez embarked on an epic romance with the younger hip-hop artist, the years appear to be falling off. She's made more public appearances wearing sexy little outfits in the first month of January 2017 than she did in the entirety of last year – her youthful exuberance restored. But what happens when she loses access to Drake's life-giving property? It will be like that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when the antagonist goes from the feeling of being reinvigorated to aging before our very eyes to exploding in a gray bloom of ash and bones.

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