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Enjoy a brief but compelling preview of Kelly Brook's 2014 calendar

10.04.2013by: Droz

I broke down last year and bought the 2013 Kelly Brook Calendar, which hangs right next to me as I type these words. This month it's Kelly and her boobs exploding while she sits spread eagle on a crotch rocket, looking like the most desirable woman who ever lived. From the sight of this preview video for her 2014 calendar, it definitely looks like I'm going to be breaking down again this year. Perhaps breaking down is not the correct term though. Technology has made calendars fairly redundant for most people, but then again the calendrical aspects of this calendar are mostly secondary. No one is using their Kelly Brook calendar to make note of their anniversary or their kid's birthdays. That's why they put the calendar part off to the side in a font that wont take the focus off her tits and curvy body. Kelly's calendar is a monthly reminder to continue loving her. You know my love lasts all year long.

Source: Superior Pics


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