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English hottie Jorgie Porter brings her tan lined booty to the beach

10.18.2016by: Droz

Continuing on with our all English babes afternoon, we got UK TV star Jorgie Porter, who brings her nooks and crannies to American shores, specifically Malibu, to do a little beach frolicking in a sexy one piece. See, the Brits get about 3 weeks of nice weather around the middle of summer. The rest of their time is spent in variations of inclement weather. So it's no surprise those with the means fly from UK shores to points south when those 3 weeks are up. Jorgie apparently just quit her prime time soap opera Hollyoaks. So she's got some free time to just hang around, exposing that pale Brit skin to the warm rays of the California sun. It's working out well for her and us. She seems to spend a lot of time in bathing suits, so it only makes sense she get as much sun as possible.

Jorgie Porter in a bikini

Source: NSFW


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