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Empire's Serayah McNeill looks like a finer, less inked version of Rihanna

04.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
At first I didn't recognize Serayah McNeill in this photoshoot from the magazine Galore because I'm far more used to her looking like this:

That's right, Serayah is the lovely, leggy and lady-loving pop singer Tiana on the Fox drama, "Empire," where she's been singing her heart out and making plays with the littlest Lyon of the family. I've fell out of touch with the show recently (I'm a diehard "Face Off" fanatic, so you can see my priorities are a bit twisted) but will be catching up, especially when I see here that the magazine went for a more Rihanna inspired look for McNeill. Not that she needed to have the changes, as Serayah looks amazing with those big curls of hers. The fact that she can sing, dance and rock those curves of hers doesn't hurt either.

Source: Got Celeb


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