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Emmy Rossum was her own kind of beautiful at the Critics Choice Awards

12.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

I don't care if saying how difficult it is to classify Emmy Rossum's loveliness sounds biased – consider me a biased motha f**ker. Every time I see the heavenly actress making one of her showstopping appearances is like the first time. Each time taken aback; each time experiencing a moment of disbelief; each time feeling like being in her presence means to undergo spiritual revitalization. If observing her attendance to the 22nd Annual Critics Choice Awards via Internet photos is such a life-affirming experience, imagine what it would be like in the physical world, complete with all the lifelike textures, sounds and smells that exist in three-dimensional space. I'd like to pretend a fortuitous crossing of paths would result in an admission of my undying affection, but would probably end in my unworthy ass humbled to one knee, as if Aphrodite herself was passing me by. In truth, I wouldn't look upon the lack of verbal interaction with regret, as long as I was close enough to share some air; a small redistribution of molecules, from Emmy Rossum's lungs to my own.

Source: NS4W


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