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Emmy Rossum uses SAG Awards as opportunity to reveal she's actually an angel

01.26.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I tried, guys. I really, really tried. With two stories today dealing with hotties at the SAG Awards the previous evening, I was trying to look for something new to talk about and out of nowhere Emmy Rossum popped her pretty little head out and the seduction and the temptation began to take hold. I quickly realized it was a pointless f*cking attempt to resist, so here it is. Emmy looked totally incredible at the award show in a sparkly dress that gives us a wonderful idea of what she's rocking underneath. As sparkly and wonderful as that dress is, there's no way it could distract me from those giant, lovely eyeballs of hers or her wide, sincere smile for that matter. Sigh. She's just so lovely and hopefully one day when I finally profess my love to her by singing a ballad I wrote outside of her apartment window, she doesn't send her bodyguards to come mace my eyes to bloody pulp before curb stomping me. Above heights and rats, that is my number one fear. I may just have to enjoy her from behind my computer screen. Better that than nothing, I suppose. 

Source: Got Celeb


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