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Emmy Rossum looked totally awesome at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards

01.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm always happy to have new red carpet appearance pictures of Emmy Rossum, the woman who looks perfect even when she's made under for her show, "Shameless." It's not just that Emmy made that simple red dress her bitch when she attended the 2016 Golden Globe Awards last night, it's that with all of the women deciding to wear the same hue, Rossum smoked each and every last one (yes, including JLaw). Normally I have to wait until the DVDs "Shameless" are released, due to my cheapskatey-ness preventing me from opting to pay for Showtime, but for whatever reason my cable company decided to give me the channel for free, so I've just come off a binge viewing of S5 and this appearance is the ideal topper. Gorgeous mess of woman Fiona morphs into the glamazon that is Emmy. You could say that my weekend was wrapped up right.
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