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Emmy Rossum looked beautiful at fashion week despite her weird hair

03.08.2016by: Droz

I don't get why stunning creatures like Emmy Rossum opt for this strange slicked down, parted hair thing. Especially since she's got such lovely hair. Why press that into some tight, parted thing when she could be letting those beautiful locks flow free? I assume it's related to her attire, which screams business class up top, but then goes all sexy below. An odd choice, considering she's at fashion week, where the name of the game is "look at me." No matter, because whatever oddities the Paris fashions might demand of her, Emmy is always gonna be gorgeous. Look at face. What an angel she is. Even if her hair bears a slight similarity to that worn by certain fascist leaders of old, it doesn't take anything away from her perfection. This must be what true beauty looks like.

Source: NSFW


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